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Looking to find a wordpress plugin to solve your problem? Do you want to get your idea to the market? This is the place where you can get one customized plugin at low cost.

Hey, wait, if you would like to request a quote from me, I recommend you take some time to look at these two pages first About Me and Clients Testimonials.

How I do?

My hourly rate for WordPress Plugin Development is $50/hour while it is starting from $100, meaning one hour job also costs you $100. But, in fact, I do fixed price. I estimate the turnaround time and multiply it by hourly rate and then give you the price. If you’ve hired freelancers before, I think you’ll be happy with fixed price. ;)

Don’t worry about the “estimated turnaround time”. I’m a proficient wordpress plugin developer. I develop wordpress plugins at fast turnaround time and still keep the code clean. Most of plugins I’ve developed that are done within 10 hours, meaning that the cost is $500 tops (10 hours * $50/hour).

I focus exclusively on one project at a time and write clean code to ensure the plugin’s quality. I strive to deliver the best service to my clients. I always reply my clients emails within 12 hours and be patient for any kind of technical questions.

How it works?

  • #1, I’ll get back to you once email received and let you know if it is doable for me.
  • #2, I’ll discuss with you about details specifically.
  • #3, I’ll evaluate the turnaround time and give you a fixed price.
  • #4, I’ll keep you posted with problem/suggestions during development
  • #5, I will create a simple video or post to show you how to use the plugin once it’s done.
  • #6, For payment, I prefer but we can go for other means like
  • #7, As for technical support, bug fix for free, charge for new features.

You get the full rights of the plugin.

Still hesitate? Want to look at my works? Here are some.

Look forward to working with you!