Two Things I Hate About Amateur Theme Developers

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Don’t Follow Theme Development Guideline

WordPress codex is very thoughtful to provide a guideline on building a standard WordPress theme.

I’ve seen some themes, even premium ones, that don’t have wp_footer() in the footer.php which could cause a disaster for plugins who are enqueuing javascript in the footer. As a result, plugin developers have to load the js file in the head(luckily they somehow don’t forget wp_head()) instead. BTW, obvioulsy, loading js in the head obviously violate the rule of put scripts at the bottom and could slightly slow the page loading.

I know, I know, it’s not a good experience for a designer who have to mangle logical code and views together when building a theme. But, is it an excuse that you don’t follow guideline? Also, there are a bunch of theme boilerplate available such as underscores, bones and roots. You can simply pick up one and create your theme based on.

Deregister jQuery

A lot of themes that are deregistering wordpress’ built-in jQuery and load one from google cdn. I’ve talked to one theme developer about this. “It’s for speed’s sake”, he answered. Well, I don’t have doubt about the speed improvement. But what I don’t understand is why they want to load a specific version when you can actually find an always up-to-date jquery ? Or, a good reason is that your code don’t work with latest one?

Another interesting thing is, they load a number of javascript files in the footer at the same time. Why? Do you know the browser, by default, can fetch two same-domain resources simultaneously? If you are very concerned about the speed, you should merge them into one file, right? Or, you deregistering jquery because everybody does it?

BTW, I’ve asked a question at WPSE to ask for suggestions on how to deal with such case but unfortunately, still no good solution found by far.

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