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  • Jesse Lee
  • WordPress Plugin Developer since 2008
  • Skills: PHP, jQuery, Mysql, Nginx, Linux, Python, Nodejs
  • Programming Principle: KISS.
  • Find me on wordpress.stackexchange.com

I’m Jesse an exclusive wordpress plugin developer. I’ve developed a wide variety of plugins, ranging from very simple and free one like TXTAsPost, to commercial autoblog plugin, including auto posting to social networking like facebook and twitter. Also, I’ve developed some autoresponders plugins. The most challenging plugin ever done is a wordpress network management plugin.

Oh, I wish I can tell you all plugins I’ve developed. I CAN NOT. Out of professional ethics, I can’t reveal any one of them even though none of my clients propose signing NDA with me. But I can tell you that if you hang out on WSO very often, you may bought a plugin developed by me.

I gotta admit that I don’t know anything about web design mostly because I hate CSS and it makes my competition very restricted among freelancers. Therefore, I’m very grateful for my clients Derek and Adam who still choose to hire me and even recruit a web designer to work with me. Many thanks.

The reason I hate CSS is it boils down to cross browser compatibility issue. “Fuck, why it is not working in IE7 while okay with Firefox?”. However I still have basic knowledge of CSS because it is indispensable in web pages after all.

Recently(2014), I’m in love with Bootstrap3 which makes web design fun and amazing Again! Most importantly, I don’t need to worry about the cross browser issue any more. With Gruntjs, it just makes design cooler, saving me a lot of development time such as reloading page, compiling and concatenating less, minifying css and js.

You know what, I’ve already made two websites with Roots starter theme which are Bootstrap and Gruntjs ready. By adding some icons generated by fontello and even apply flat ui design, my clients are totally happy with my design and I start to love design and CSS. lol

I’m good at javascript, jquery specifically and I’m using Ubuntu as my working environment since 2007 which makes me know one or two things about linux and this blog is actually setup in an unmanaged VPS (ngnix+debian).

Been doing wordpress plugin development for almost 5 years. I benefit a lot from the open source world, so, other than making this blog as a way to do bussiness, I also would love to share my wordpress plugin development experience here.

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